Parish Council

The Parish of Walberton comprises of three settlements – Walberton, Binsted and Fontwell- with around 870 dwellings and a population of 2175 recorded at the last census in 2011.

The following extract is from ‘A Century of Grass Roots Democracy in Walberton’ by D.J. Milburn M.B.E. a copy of which can be found here.  GrassRootsDemocracyinWalberton_pdf


The First Parish Council

The Act of 1884 received the Royal Assent on 5th March, to come into effect on 17th December. The Act required that every parish in England and Wales must hold a meeting on the 4th December 1894, the sole duty of the meeting being to elect the new Parish Council. All adults, male or female, married or single were eligible for election as long as they had resided within the parish for 12 months or within 3 miles of it. This was unique in being the first time that women had been given a vote or were eligible to accept office at any level of government. Those elected were to come into office on 13th December on which date the first meeting was to be held. They were to hold office until March 1896 after which elections would be held annually.


The Parish Council is non-political and can have 9 elected representatives from the local population. They volunteer their time to represent the views of the local community and help deliver services to improve the quality of life for everyone living and working in the community of Walberton, Binsted and Fontwell.

Below is a link to Arun District Council’s website with more details about Walberton Parish Council.

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