There is a public exhibition of the proposals for development of land at Wandleys Lane, Fontwell, by SP Broadway between 3pm and 6pm on 4 July 2017 at Fontwell Park Racecourse. Representatives from Welbeck Land and members of the project team will be there to explain the proposals and answer any questions.

June/July 2017


 Neilogoghbourhood Plan August  Update



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What Is Neighbourhood Planning?

The following link will help you understand more.
What is Neighbourhood Planning?

We will be working in conjunction with local parishes and in accordance with the Arun Local Plan and this link gives more detail about the process: Toolkit 

The draft Arun Local Plan was published in October 2014 and can be viewed here: Draft Local Plan

So What Is A Neighbourhood Plan And Why Should We Care?

A Neighbourhood Plan allows local people to have a say as to how their villages should be developed in the future. It should reflect the views of the whole community – residents, landowners and businesses. In particular it can identify where new housing should be built. A Plan can also look at a wide range of other issues that are of concern to residents so that plans can be made to take action where needed.

We have been given the task by Arun District Council of allocating land for the development of 50 homes over the next 15 years and want to ensure that we enlist the opinions of everyone in compiling a short list of potential sites. A Neighbourhood News was produced in October 2014 outlining the importance of the plan for our 3 villages and was delivered to every household and business in our area.

So why should we care? With a Neighbourhood Plan in place we can influence where homes may be built – without one Arun District Council can dictate where they will be built. Once in place it becomes a legal force and forms part of the statutory Arun Development Plan. Consequently, decisions on whether or not to grant planning permission in our area will need to be made in accordance with the respective Neighbourhood Development Plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

Background And Team

Walberton Parish Council (Walberton, Binsted and Fontwell) joined a “cluster” together with Aldingbourne, Barnham & Eastergate and received a grant in 2013 to help put up a case against the 2000 plus housing development proposal. Walberton has received £4,671.24 which is being used to help fund our Neighbourhood Plan.

Having learnt from the experiences of other parishes the Parish Council asked for volunteers to form a steering group to prepare our own local Neighbourhood Plan. Since then the N P group has secured two further grants of £4,680 and £1,500 and the Steering Group is working towards completing the Plan without recourse to the Parish Council for any further funding.

This initial small group of 5 volunteers has been working steadily since April 2014 and we are pleased to say that we now have a team of eleven representing each of the villages.

More information

Biographies of the volunteers.

For more useful information please click the Questionnaire,
News Autumn 2014, and News 2 Spring 2015
Neighbourhood Plan Survey Results April 2015

Neighbourhood News 3 June 2015

State of the Parish report

Walberton, Binsted & Fontwell Reg 14 pre submission draft Plan

Walberton Neighbourhood development Plan – Reg 15 submission

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