Six Walks Around Walberton

Old Scotland Lane

Below is a link to 6 walks around Walberton Parish, varying in length. Some of the walks have overgrown footpaths. If you encounter this, please contact West Sussex County Council via The Love West Sussex app.

The Walberton Action Group wishes to thank the following members and others whose work has made this book possible. They have researched the walks and provided background information, drawn the maps, drawn or provided the sketches, scanned the sketches for computerisation, proof read, revised and made suggestions about the content and presentation:- 

Coral & Rick Botteley, John Bushrod, Jenny Curzons, Bob Escolme, Cynthia & John Eyre, John Heathcote, Kate Jones, Maria Levey, David Morton, Madelaine Prior, Roger Putnam, Jacqui Robinson, Graham Spencer, Emma Tristram, Martin Bond and Belinda Wilkins.


Six Walks Around Walberton

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