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June 2017


I am delighted to say that in the last month I have heard nothing from the police or any village residents reporting on any criminal activity in Walberton, Binsted or Fontwell. You will also be delighted to know that due to this pleasing fact, that my article will be very short!

At the time of writing, we are a few days away from our Open Gardens Sunday and the weather we are told is going to be fine. So on the garden theme I shall just give you a few tips which the police have given me to keep your outbuildings and gardens safe through the summer period. Most of course is common sense but criminals are not only interested in the property within your home and can be tempted by goods and equipment stored outside in garages, sheds and even in the garden. Property such as bicycles, lawnmowers and power tools can be just as valuable as televisions etc.
Try and ensure that outside buildings are in good condition and improve security by fixing steel mesh or bars on the inside of windows. Fitting concealed hinges to prevent criminals from undoing screws or bolts and fitting good quality locks to all doors will also help. Padlocks should be at least 6cm/2.5ins wide, of hardened steel, have at least 5 pins and be a closed shackle type. The police recommend the installation of an alarm – either a battery operated alarm or upgraded house alarm which includes the shed or garage. As a physical and psychological barrier check that all boundary fences are in good repair and why not plant a prickly hedge as a natural deterrent for thieves trying to enter your garden. Ask your neighbour to keep an eye on your garden and do the same for them if away on holiday.
For any of you that attended the Open Gardens Day, I hope you had a great time and that the predicted 30 degree heat was not too unbearable! Have a great summer!
Laurie King
Neighbourhood Watch Village Co-ordinator
Report June 2017.

AugustĀ 2016


Due to the summer break from publication of the magazine, a lot of news is somewhat out of date and is possibly not worth including in this article.
I must draw your attention however to a sickening crime that took place two months ago now and probably is already known to many of you. A defibrillator which administers an electric shock to restore normal heart rhythm to a casualty was stolen from the porch of our church. This action that could mean life or death to someone taken ill, happened in broad daylight and is a complete mystery. It is hard to imagine that such an item would be very easy to sell on but possibly there is a market for these type of machines. In my opinion if someone died from not having quick treatment from this apparatus, the criminal should be convicted of manslaughter. It really does beggar belief!

A cleaner at the Community Playcentre whilst working there in the evening of 4th August reported a suspicious man taking photos of the plants outside the front door and feeling the window into the lobby. She made it obvious that she had seen him and he waved at her. This was probably completely innocent but she sensibly reported it. If anyone sees anything remotely suspicious please report it either to myself or the police. It is not wasting their time and they welcome your contribution. Also in August a residence in Henty Close was broken in to and the police were informed.

Sussex Police are urging residents to “protect your privates” in an effort to raise awareness of cyber crime. International best selling author Peter James is fronting this eye catching campaign and says he’s delighted to help. A recent survey of people living in the South East found that 84% of those asked had experienced an attempted cyber crime in the last year, while 15% had been victims. Detective Inspector Andy Haslam from the Sussex Police Cyber Crime Unit said “the aim of this campaign is not to scaremonger but to make everyone aware of the possible dangers we face when we go online” People of all ages are susceptible to cyber crime but at most risk are 40-79 year olds. You can find out more about common cyber scams and how best to “protect your privates” by clicking this link

Last but not least it was so nice to meet up with so many residents at the Walbinfont show in July where Neighbourhood Watch had a stand.

Laurie King

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

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